I have got to admit, personally, you could not pay me to go shopping today, but people do and obsessively so. One thing that is for sure, advertising companies live for “Black Friday” and businesses live for its benefit to the retail industry. The evolution of Black Friday makes for an interesting case study. Businesses have taken Black Friday to a whole other level than how it originally began. There is no better proof of this phenomenon than Targets “2-Day Sale Lady” and her obsessive attention to preparing for shopping Black Friday at Target.

Every year more and more businesses open their doors at 12AM, more and more businesses create sales books to prepare consumers for Black Friday shopping at their store, and more and more businesses come up with creative ways to get consumers into their stores the day after Thanksgiving.


Target’s ad is just the newest and one of the most entertaining ways to get their message out. It plays on the borderline psychosis of holiday shoppers and that frenzy that is the Holiday Shopping Season, which everyone can find humor in her antics. The commercial also does a great job of grabbing your attention and letting you know what you need to know: Target opens at 12AM and you can see their deals early and plan your shopping with the help of their “sales catalog”, for shoppers bold enough to venture out on Friday.

Creative advertising is about getting your message to the consumers in the midst of the chaos that is everyday life. JASE works closely with its clients to deliver their message in the best manner possible to make them the most visible to the consumer. Want to know more about creative advertising? See how we have applied this strategy for one of our clients and tweet us back.

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