Blackberry Messenger Taking Foursquare Usage To New Heights

Foursquare made an appearance at the BBM Hackathon with some proud data they were excited to share with everyone in attendance.

Since Foursquare’s integration with Blackberry Messenger, Foursquare has experienced huge success as a record number of users have jumped on board. Pete Nofelt of Foursquare said that 30% of overall Foursquare usage is from Blackberrys. He also shared that with the BBM integration, Blackberry is now beating Android and iPhone for new user signups.

With this new found experience of Blackberry Messenger fully integrated with Foursquare it will open the door for us inbound marketers to connect with our consumers in a whole new way. Although, Nofelt does warn not to be spammy in your creations and not to take advantage of your users loyalty.

How do you like the integration with Foursquare and Blackberry? Are you more interactive than before with Foursquare? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know.

image credit: nan palmero on flickr

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