Writing blog articles is a lot tougher job than it looks.

An article must be a good read, but it must also be SEO driven.
An author must be knowledgeable, but brief so we don’t bore you.

Blog articles are like text messages on steroids. A writer has a minimal window to say what you want to say, but you have to serve the SEO purpose of the article to get your content found. The most successful writers are able to marry the two.

The same dilemma can be attributed to article title headlines. Traditional journalism tells you to be witty and clever. The more clever you are, the more likely the reader will read your content. But search engines tell us different. Keyword laced headlines were the best in the old days of search. The more times you could incorporate keywords from your keywords list in the title of your article, the better chance the search engines would pick it up.

This philosophy of keyword overload in titles has changed in the last couple of years as search engines have become smarter. The answer to the dilemma is to do your best to walk the fence. Incorporate the keywords, but find clever ways to incorporate them and draw the reader at the same time.

There is no blueprint to the perfect headline. But ultimately, the headline must be attention grabbing and SEO driven. Each business will have to determine what combination works best for their readers.

How does your business manage the headline dilemma? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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