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If the Pope Can Tweet, Your CEO Can Tweet

Twitter users love to follow major influencers, which is why most influential businessmen and political leaders are on Facebook. Even the Leader of the Free World uses Twitter. You can find tweets posted by President Barack Obama himself, @BarackObama, signed BO.

Now Twitter has another leader, of a different type, to follow. The Vatican recently announced that the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, has joined Twitter and will begin tweeting on Dec. 12.

The Pope’s Twitter account, @pontifex, will be his spiritual words of guidance and according to the Vatican will be tweeted when and how often the Pope prefers.  The first tweets will be answers sent to #askpontifex

"This is the new market of ideas and the Church has to be there. We want to use any method to spread the message. It's cost-effective and not very labor intensive and it is aimed at young people," stated Greg Burke, senior media adviser to the Vatican as reported in the Chicago Tribune.

So there you have it. The simple answer behind the Pope joining Twitter is that he gets it. The 85-year old leader of one of the oldest and most recognized religions in the world gets that Twitter is the new market and the Church has to be there.
How can we convince our CEO's to Tweet?
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Pope in Portugalimage credit: by Catholic Church (England and Wales) on Flickr

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 written by Naima Gethers
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