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Millennials Disclose Secrets to Online Marketing

It's clear that the generation referred to as Millennials are constantly plugged into social media. For brands that target Millennials the hope is that this generation is engaged and interested in buying from the brands that reach out to them through successful marketing strategies.

Adora Svitak, a 14-year-old author, educator and speaker, told a Mashable conference audience that social media engagement can be beneficial when marketing to Millennials.

While Svitak is only one member of the Millennial generation, which is made up of 79 million Americans, she does offer some insight into marketing tactics that engage Millennials.
Targeting Millennials through social media marketing and Inbound Marketing tactics.
Target Millennials by getting their attention in the mediums they use, such as social media networks and other traditional mediums. JASE creates a perfect Inbound Marketing plan that is affordable and combines traditional and non-traditional marketing tools. Tools created by JASE use online marketing and social media marketing campaigns that capture Millennials. According to Svitak, online contest and causes work well with Millennials too.

Types of contest include:
Recent causes that have left a lasting impression on Millennials include:
Often on different sides of the argument, Millennials make sure their voice is heard by sharing their opinions boldly and repeatedly.

"We can use peer pressure in destructive ways, and amazing ways," stated Svitak at the conference. "...Not only do we share things we really like, but we share things that we hate."

If Millennials are in your target market, which they may be based on their buying power, your organization should invest in an Inbound Marketing plan.

A JASE Inbound Marketing plan can create unique and focused online, traditional, and social media marketing campaigns to engage Millennials. Contact JASE to increase engagement with the young and influential Millennial generation.

Millennials and Social Media image credit: by:Paulo Fehlauer on flickr

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