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Small Businesses Need a Social Media Plan

Is your business among the 24 percent of small businesses currently using social media? According to a study featured in Small Business Trends, many small business owners don’t use social media at all while others plan on initiating social media plans soon.

For many small business owners, the initial social media start-up can be intimidating when in reality; the barriers to starting a social media marketing plan are low.

So what is stopping small business owners from diving into the social media world?
Small business owners avoid social media because of time
Many small business owners are busy running their business. In the midst of all things that come with running a business logging onto Facebook and Twitter may seem more time consuming than beneficial.

The social media marketing may seem intimidating because it can take time to create social media marketing techniques that fit the needs of your business. It also takes time to learn the logistics of the different social media communities, audiences and analytic tools.
Advantages of a social media marketing plan for your small business
You don’t have to dive into social media blind. JASE Group can work with you to create a social media marketing plan for your small business that can save you time and money. Here are a few reasons why you might want to contact JASE.
There is no doubt that your business would benefit from a social media marketing plan. Contact JASE to create a social media marketing plan that will help market your growing business.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013 written by Naima Gethers
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