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Smartphones Kill Call Centers And Welcome Mobile Websites

A great article from Mashable offered data for what we all pretty much knew: smartphones are taking over. According to the article, there are more smartphone users than basic phone users and there will soon be more mobile devices accessing the web than PCs in the U.S.

As a result businesses are adapting their customer service resources to make sure the mobile consumer’s needs are being met; hence the decline of the call center.

Years ago, it was acceptable to sit on the phone and be passed to representative to representative to have your questions answered through the company call center. With today’s mobile devices consumers should be able to access information directly on their device without having to make one call.

Businesses have to evaluate what their mobile customers need the most and create a mobile website to fulfill those needs.
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smartphones and call centerimage credit: Phil Roeder on flickr

Thursday, April 12, 2012 written by Naima Gethers
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