The Strategy Behind the Brand

An effective brand strategy helps you anticipate consumer behavior, differentiate your brand from your competitors on a superior level, and attract loyal customers. The purpose of a brand strategy is to identify and map a plan for the executional development of a solid brand in order to increase the level of revenue and profits. The brand strategy should be guided by the principles of provider differentiation and consumer appeal. The brand strategy should influence daily business operations to ensure consistent brand behavior in the marketplace and consistent brand experiences for your consumer.

A Strategic Brand Model

  • Helps you identify and capture a dominant market position in your vertical.
  • Increases your marketing reach and consumer penetration.
  • Raises your advertising effectiveness.

Our brand model, a direct result of the implementation of our branding strategy development process outlined below, combines quantitative and qualitative analysis, thorough and widespread consumer interviews, and polling to identify the psychological influences and behaviors of your most loyal customers.

Our Branding Strategy Development Process

  • Brand Analysis
    • Target & Insight
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Brand Inventory
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
    • Vision
    • Positioning
    • Personality
    • Identification & Measurement
  • Brand Execution
    • Individual Brand Elements
    • Communications Strategy
    • Customer Relationship Management & Public Relationship Building


Who is looking out for you? Is your reputation safe?

You’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation for your company. You do good work. Your clients respect and appreciate the success you’ve helped them achieve. Then along comes an unhappy ex-employee or the one client in the past ten years that you parted with on bad terms.

A single negative comment that makes its way to page 1 on Google can cost your company millions of dollars in lost business.

Helping our clients manage their online reputation is a solid asset in our tool belt. JASE can help you with your reputation management struggles by helping to purge the negative comments about your company out of Google’s, and Yahoo!’s, and Bing’s search engines.

Among the many ways we can help you manage your online reputation, are these proven methods:

  • Get your own website.
  • Start a blog.
  • Create your own web of links through various web properties and micro sites.
  • Create your social media profiles.
  • Create your business profile.
  • Share your photos and videos.
  • Search engine optimize your complete online campaign.
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