The process of developing a brand strategy for an organization can be time consuming. It is essential that a process be followed, notably a process that is proven to establish an organization as a model member of its vertical to its customer base.

Below is the process that we follow with each of our clients. There are many sub steps and details that fit into this plan, but this outline will give an idea of our strategies.

Branding Strategy Development Process

  • Brand Analysis
    • Target & Insight
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Brand Inventory
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
    • Vision
    • Positioning
    • Personality
    • Identification & Measurement
  • Brand Execution

Developing a plan for building and implementing a brand strategy is critical in establishing a business’ brand. If you want to know more about how a brand strategy will help your business, contact JASE today.

Stairsimage credit: Nicola Whitaker on flickr

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