We hear the terms all the time in business, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand equity, branding and more branding. But in order to establish brand awareness, loyalty and equity, a brand strategy (yes, another brand term) is needed. A brand strategy is the plan your business uses to establish how you will communicate your product or service to the public.

Why is your brand important?

Your brand is what makes your customers loyal to your business. It’s 2012  and everyone is selling something.  Establishing your brand in the mind of consumers as the must have product or service is the difference between being a success in your industry and becoming a distant memory.

Creating the brand strategy

So what is your brand? Do the research, how do your customers and employees feel about your business? What makes them proud to use your product and work for your organization? This is the first step in your brand strategy.

Once you have established your business’ brand, make sure everyone else knows.

  • Your brand should be reiterated through everything you do.
  • Internally, your team and employees should be invested in the organization’s brand.
  •  Appreciation and love for the brand begins within your organization.
  • Externally, the brand should be expressed on everything that represents your company.
  • Advertising, promotional items, Facebook, Twitter, the company website and blog should reflect your brand.

Stay focused on the brand, it’s easy to get distracted in the midst of creative blogs and advertising, but if the brand is not reflected in what you are saying, the focus of the brand can shift in the mind of the consumer. You always want your consumers to remain focused on your brand; it’s what connects you to each other.

Appreciate those who support your brand

Remember, it’s important to show love and appreciation to your consumers. There are various ways to do so. Like any other relationship, the more appreciated your customers feel the more willing they will be to spread news of your business and brand to friends and family.

What affect is your brand strategy having on your business?

Measure it and find out. Embracing and implementing a brand strategy takes an investment. The best way to determine your return on investment is to measure the success of your strategy. Poll your clients and consumers in your market, examine the outcome of your social media efforts; are you seeing any results? If you are experiencing limited results you may need to make changes to your strategy. It’s important to be willing to change.

Need help with all the branding lingo or creating a successful brand strategy? Contact JASE, let’s discuss some options and create a plan that will work best for you. If this helped you, please be sure to share.

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