In most of our conversations with prospective clients, especially those taking their first steps into inbound marketing, one of the first topics discussed is social media and its role with small businesses.

Social media has a tendency to misrepresent its ability in marketing when it comes to some business owners and decision makers. They come to us asking what communities they should be in besides Facebook. They tell us they have accounts and don’t use them much. And they say if they increase their exposure in social media they will see results because that’s what their friend or peer told them.


Social media is a powerful tool/asset. It is NOT the answer to every small business’ problems. Every business is different and the application of a cookie cutter plan for each business will be severely ineffective. It is the responsibility of every business to determine, or have a 3rd party determine for them, the best strategy to make that particular business successful in social media.


A business’ social media presence offers many capabilities. We are not saying that there are not any other benefits to a business being on social media, but the far and away greatest advantage for a business on social media, is its ability to brand itself.

A business can offer an introspective look and connect with its consumers in no better way than social media. The platform to constantly refresh content to its consumers and to allow its consumers a public voice is vital to creating brand loyalty.  The loyalty to the brand by the consumer will allow the consumer to spread your brand, bringing you new loyal fans.

Social media is a powerful ally for any business, but it must be wielded in the right application. If your business is struggling with its social media marketing initiatives, contact JASE today and lets talk. As always, please feel free to share this with friends.

Social Media Networksimage credit: KEXINO on flickr


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