Public relations departments for sports and businesses alike are known for the conventional and useful. Creativity and uniqueness is usually left to the marketing department. When it comes to social media this can be especially true and for good reason. Businesses in any industry cannot take the chance to create a PR nightmare through social media, but the Brooklyn Nets have found a way to entertain their fans with just a little twist.

Sports PR departments are great for using Twitter to connect with fans by tweeting out relevant, but usually boring, statistics before, during, or after the games. A typical tweet would let you know the teams win/loss record when a certain statistic is achieved. The Nets have decided to take tweeting win/loss records based on statistics to a different analysis with some unconventional metrics. Take a look below:

These are just two examples of how the Brooklyn Nets PR department uses humor to keep their message fresh. Finding creative and different ways to connect with your followers will keep them coming back to your brand.

How does your business use social media to connect with your followers? Do you find creative and unique ways to keep them interacting with your brand? Leave a comment below and let us know what strategies you use.

Brooklyn Nets PR Twitter Accountimage credit: Maxim34374 on flickr

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