Buying Twitter followers is a lot like buying your friends in reality; it lacks authenticity and the purpose of having followers is lost on the art of the numbers game. For many, Twitter profiles with a large amount of followers are influential in their field and are considered worth following. While many are aware of businesses that automatically increase your followers, people still flock to profiles with larger amounts of followers.

A recent article on PR Daily discussed the trend. The author purchased 2,000 followers for $12.50 from In the article the author shares that the followers were made up of hollow accounts, vaugue accounts with three or four tweets and no real followers behind them. After the initial 2,000 fake followers, real followers noticed the account and began to follow.

Social media content and online engagement will increase your followers the old-fashioned way… the legitimate way.

Content in your tweets and engagement with your followers will make you influential to those who need to hear from you. Promote and share information about your social media networks in your community. The goal of your business’ Twitter account is not to have a certain amount of followers. The goal is to create a space where you can engage in two-way communication with your consumers.

Content on your social media networks makes them worth following. If the customers who follow your brand on Twitter and like it on Facebook are also consuming your product then you have done something right, without the large numbers.

Be authentic in everything you do as it sets the tone for your brand. Contact JASE to learn more about our Social Media Marketing tools and ways to increase engagement between you and your consumers. In the end, your followers and consumers will have more respect for your brand if you keep it real.

Twitter Followersimage credit: by Brajeshwar on flickr

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