Small business owners often struggle with the decision of how much time to invest into social media. You know that having a presence in the different social communities is important, but you need to generate a return on that investment.

A determining factor for how much time business owners invest in social media is the ability to generate leads from that social interaction. If you are interacting in social communities and generating business opportunities then you will be more likely to invest larger amounts of time and energy in maintaining your social media presence.

So the question that usually arises for many small business owners is,”Can social media generate leads for my business?”

The answer is not as straight forward as one might think.

Social media can absolutely generate leads for a business, however, your industry and the engagement level of your fans (meaning how active your fans are in engaging with your social media accounts) will determine how much time you should invest in social media.

So if the return on investment in social media marketing is not the same with every business, what should you do?

Social media can be a valuable asset in generating leads for your business, but it should not be the sole source of advertising for your business. A well rounded advertising presence, guided by correctly identifying your target audience and how to reach them effectively, greatly increases lead generating capabilities for a business.

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image credit: *MarS on flickr

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