First, you must ask yourself if hiring an agency is right for your organization. If you just want to get out and play in social media like the local “guru”, then an agency is probably overkill for your purposes. But if you want to make your social media initiatives a part of your successful inbound marketing strategy that feeds leads to your sales funnel, then an agency like JASE is perfect for you.

social media sales funnelHere are a few tips for making sure your social media team is the perfect fit to run your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Anyone that calls themselves social media experts can be ruled out immediately. Social media, just like any other human-directed medium, is fluid in its development and desires. Your agency must understand where and when to reevaluate current initiatives to keep with the changing currents.
  2. If your social media guy stopped by your desk to setup your Facebook account and left you with a cool looking Facebook Fan Page, he’s probably run his course. Keyword research and a strategy that leads your Facebook fans back to your website and blog for more content and call-to-action webforms is where you want to be. Not left hanging with a cool looking Fan Page.
  3. Facebook and Twitter buzzwords are all you hear them talk about which means that’s probably all they know. Yes, these two communities are hot. Yes, there are a lot of people living in these two communities. But has your target audience research been done? Do you know that Facebook and Twitter are really where you want to find your potential new customers?
  4. Do they blog? Is their blog active? Do they have an inbound marketing strategy behind their blog that has proven to be successful? If they don’t have time to blog and don’t understand that a blog is the most important aspect of online marketing, then they certainly couldn’t teach the successful methods of inbound marketing.
  5. If their idea of a social media strategy is to figure out how to boost the number of your friends or fans or followers, let them go do that while we work together to build your solid money-making strategy.

These points are a bit harsh. But only a self-proclaimed social media “guru” will find them offensive. Let’s work together to build your efficient online marketing strategy that fills your sales funnel with quality leads.

Photo credit: uberllama on flickr.

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