Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus, Friends!

Every year on December 23rd we celebrate the wild and crazy Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us. So, Happy Festivus! Festivus is both a parody and a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative … Read More

texting bee

How would you do in a Texting Bee?

“‘2MORRO’ . . . Could you use it in an incomplete sentence, please?”

How Original Are Your Ads?

We recently pitched a new ad campaign to one of our clients.  Long story short, their comments were complimenting and their reaction was full of excitement.  Original and catchy were two adjectives used to describe the new concept, which is … Read More

Help! We’re In Hashtag Hell

There are two types of people in the social media world: #Hashtag #lovers #that #go #way #overboard. Those that want no parts of hashtags and don’t care to understand them because hashtags are stupid. Do hashtags really serve a purpose … Read More

Don’t Let Social Media Expose Your One-way Conversation Policy

Even though it’s the way things were done in the old days, one-way conversations with our consumers do not work any longer. Brands need to set in place policies for their teams to monitor and carry on the ten-second-twitter-conversations with … Read More

The Golden Age of the Online Review

We all care about online reviews these days, right? Of course we do. We care what people think about our brand. We care about how people relate to our brand. Online and offline, we need to keep an eye out … Read More

What would you do to grab a consumer’s attention?

Interruption marketing is just that – interrupting. But interruption strategies, although they can be effective when used properly, are not always the best tactic. Know your target audience. Know what they like and especially know what they do not like. … Read More

Flash Mobs – The Most Fun of All Marketing Strategies?

Flash mobs are cool. We are drawn to them when we see a flash mob such as the T-mobile flash mob that went viral a couple of years ago. Why are we drawn to them? Because they are fun, unique, … Read More

I’m Not A Designer, But I Did Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night

You may think doing your own design work for your small business looks good. Your employees may even say it looks good. But it doesn’t. We’ve seen it too many times. And you’ve heard it too many times. Leave the … Read More

In Memory of All PowerPoint Victims . . .

Is there anything in the history of business meetings worse than sitting through a slideshow being read word-for-word? Can’t we find a more creative way to present our ideas than a PowerPoint presentation? image credit: marketoonist

Confused by Facebook & Twitter & LinkedIn & Google+ & Pinterest for Your Business?

Don’t be confused by the glitz and glamor of Facebook.  Successful inbound marketing strategies prove that you want to drive consumers to you, not drive consumers to Facebook.  Use your Facebook page to reach out to your sponges and bring … Read More

Conversation vs. Push Messaging to Social Networks

A solid social media marketing strategy is imperative if you’re going to dive into social communities like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. When building that strategy for your business, don’t forget to include the conversation into your efforts. JASE … Read More

A Word of Warning to Millennials: You Are in The Crosshairs

Millennials will spend more than the Baby Boomers group across the globe by 2017. That fact coupled with that the Millennials are the largest group of individuals in world history, it’s no wonder marketers are trying find the magic sauce … Read More

Insourcing: The Casualties of Recovering from Bad Policies

During the mid-2000’s it became very trendy for tech companies to outsource work to programmers outside the U.S. in order to save a few bucks. This New Yorker cartoon pokes a little fun at the situation the migration of workload … Read More

Know Your Product. Know Your Brand Position.

Don’t overreach. Know your product, its capabilities, its influence on consumers, and your consumers’ perception of your product. JASE Brand & Identity Management image credit: marketoonist.com