Finally. Finally Micrsosoft’s pay-per-click advertising system, Microsoft adCenter, is taking another step closer to Google AdWords.

According to Tina Kelleher at Microsoft Advertising in Redmond, “The ‘market’ (distribution channel) is being removed as a targeting option and replaced by the industry standard ‘language’ and ‘target location’ as individual targeting inputs.

Microsoft says this single change will allow our PPC ads to better target consumers that have intent to do business in our geographic area.

Microsoft adCenter general settings

These changes, which will make Microsoft adCenter a better daily working tool for online advertising, should begin to roll out to the United States, United Kingdom and France soon.

Microsoft adCenter vs Google AdWords

In case you don’t know, Microsoft’s adCenter services PPC advertising on the Bing search engine, Yahoo search engine, and Microsoft and Yahoo partner networks such as Flickr. This slide was taken from a recent JASE presentation, “Inbound Marketing – The Lifeblood of Today’s Successful Business.”

Paid Search is Today's Paid Search

Will these changes move you closer to spending more of your ad dollars with Microsoft adCenter? What is your pay-per-click budget split between Microsoft and Google? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Microsoft adCenterimage credit: Microsoft adCenter

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