With only 140 characters available to you on Twitter, it can be difficult to get the entire message out to your followers AND a link to the website of your choice. The website bitly, which was established in 2008, was created to shorten those long links that take up all of your characters and shorten them into shorter, trackable links. The great advantage of using bitly, beyond the convenience of a shortened link, is the ability to track who is clicking on the link. bitly provides analytics that tell you when users are clicking on the short link and from what sources.

bitly recently made an upgrade that included changes to the website and the creation of an iPhone App. While there have been mixed reviews about the changes to the website, the iPhone App seems to be an agreed upon positive addition to the App Store. The app would allow you to shorten links on the road and quickly add them to your tweets and Facebook post.

Could your business benefit from bitly’s services? JASE inbound marketing provides another option.

There are so many great aspects to a JASE inbound marketing plan. The JASE plan is tailored to your organizations needs and includes many of the same aspects bitly provides. In your tailor-made JASE inbound marketing plan social media marketing is personalized to fit the needs of your company, which include shortened links that direct your consumers to appropriately designed landing pages on your website. JASE tracks clicks to all of your landing pages and measures the success of every marketing tool being used to increase quality sales leads for your business.

Marketing is changing as consumers change the way they learn about brands and react to brands. A JASE inbound marketing blends inbound marketing, which creates powerful organic content that leads potential customers to your brand through online methods like searching, referrals, and links from other web entities such as blogs, video and social communities; with traditional marketing. The outcome is an affordable and innovative approach to marketing.

While the new bitly website format is under scrutiny by social media users, take time to assess your marketing needs. If you are interested in taking the first step to creating an affordable JASE inbound marketing plan Contact JASE. The assessment is free and will lead you to a perfectly created marketing plan for your company.

Old School Bitlyimage credit: by The Daring Librarian on flickr

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