Mothers have always been a great source of information for their children, partners, friends and inner-circle of mothers. Today with the help of blogs, the coveted advice of mothers is available to millions. Many moms have created businesses by promoting products, services and events through their blogs. Big brands (and small brands for that matter) understand the power of mommy bloggers, or parent bloggers since dads do it too, and the cult following many of them have created for their blogs.

Before deciding if your brand needs to be featured by a popular parent blogger, which would require you to cultivate a relationship with the blogger and gain their trust (easier said than done), decide whether the relationship would benefit your brand.

As stated in previous blog posts, JASE Inbound Marketing is designed to lead targeted customers to your business through online and offline efforts. Inbound Marketing helps cut down on time and money wasted on consumers twho have little interest in your product. Inbound Marketing produces valuable sales leads that become sales for your business.

Once you are ready to reach out to different sources to help promote your product ask yourself a few questions: who is their audience? Are your consumers a part of their audience? How will your product be received by the blogger?

Blogger assisted business to consumer marketing tactics

A recent article dives into who mom bloggers are and ways for your business to reach out to them. According to the article, parent bloggers post about family and parenting, lifestyle, crafts/do-it-yourself, food, and product reviews. If your business doesn’t fit into these categories courting parent bloggers may not benefit your business. On the other hand, many products and services fit into these categories and parents are always looking for products and solutions to help make life a little easier.

Establish a relationship with parent bloggers with a genuine pitch that shows how your product will help them and their readers. Offer some form of compensation for their work.  Free products go a long way in the eyes of parent bloggers and so does money.

Receiving a positive recommendation from a parent blogger will direct a good amount of business to you. Bloggers share information and similar to everyday gossip it spreads like wildfire. With a negative recommendation, the fire spreads faster and longer. Parent bloggers have no problem giving a negative critique to products and brands so be sure your brand is ready to be tested and mom approved.

Navigating through the various marketing options can be complicated, but parent bloggers offer a fun and refreshing twist to marketing and public relations. Contact JASE to get a free inbound marketing assesment to determine other marketing tactics your business can use that will create valuable sales leads.

Mom Bloggersimage credit: by sean dreilinger on flickr


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