Chevrolet will be featuring 3 ads on Super Bowl Sunday. This particular Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial depicts a post apocalyptic scene where the Mayan 2012 calendar came true. The only survivors were the Chevy Silverado drivers. Check it out:


We think this Chevrolet commercial is a really creative ad for the Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl commercial takes a shot at the Mayan calendar conspiracy, but in a comedic setting promotes the strength and durability of Chevrolet’s flagship truck, all the while taking a dig at its rival Ford.

What type of truck driver are you? Ford? Chevy? Dodge? Let us know which truck would really survive the Mayan calendar, leave a comment below. As always, please feel free to share this with friends.

Chevy Post Apocalyptic Super Bowl Commercialimage credit: JASElabs on flickr

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