Keith Parnell, @parnellk63, CEO, JASE Digital Media
Coffee with the CEO –

Know your socialgraphics. Who likes to talk about what and on what platform. We [JASE] use a totally different tone on Twitter than we do on Google+ and on LinkedIn.

You have to figure out if this [social media] is right for you. Is social media right for you, and it probably is … there’s a billion people in social media. Then what social communities are right for you.

Everyone should be blogging. Before you get on LinkedIn start to blog. Because that’s where you’re going to meet the masses, through SEO. You’re going to reach a much larger audience in every geographic area … by blogging than you are [on any other social platform].

Who do your customers trust online? You must know what they like and what they do not like. And you’re only going to know that by the conversations you have living online.

Don’t focus on the tools and technologies. Don’t focus on Twitter. Don’t focus on Facebook. Don’t focus on Google+. If we would have only focused on one platform, a lot of effort and dollars would have been wasted. Instead focus on the strategy, how you build your conversations and what kind of tone you use in the social communities.

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