comScore’s December 2011 Report Reveals Bing Jumps Yahoo In Search Queries Percentage

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According to comScore’s report for December 2011, Bing has finally jumped Yahoo in terms of search query percentage. Google still remains in the top spot with 65.9% of the search market, Bing is now in second place with 15.1%, and Yahoo rounds out third place with 14.5% of market share.

Comparing comScore’s report to our own internal report revealed some interesting differences. Performance from the JASE Data Center, where we host client websites spanning many verticals, showed Google still in the top spot with 80%, Yahoo in the second spot with 10.25%, and Bing in third with 9.73%.

The disparity in the data is important for marketers as understanding your own data is critical to the success of your clients. Inbound marketers must know for themselves their own search engine statistics to maximize the SEO needs of their clients.

Looking at either sets of data shows that Yahoo is losing search traffic and that is no doubt the first area of concern for new CEO Scott Thompson.

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Bing Office Light Signimage credit: sunjaec on flickr