Graduates across the country are completing their studies and celebrating at commencements at private, public and ivy league institutions. In Hampton Roads graduating business and marketing students from Hampton University, Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, Christopher Newport University, The College of William and Mary and Regent University have all received their degrees and are preparing for the next big step in their lives.

The celebrations are dying down and for graduates the reality of the real world, which once seemed far away, is now here in the present. For those who have studied and prepared for careers in marketing, a few key suggestions from marketers currently working in the industry.

The team over at HubSpot created a list of 20 things graduate marketing students should know before taking the plunge. Here are a few that JASE agreed with and thought might be helpful as you enter a marketing industry that is being significantly changed by Inbound Marketing.

  • Prove your value and capability: Take initiative in your internships and on your first job. Ask questions and give answers even if it means going against the grain. A professional once shared with me that it was always important to be heard in meetings, especially if it enhances the creativity behind your project.
  • Marketing moves fast: If you’ve covered consumer marketing, international marketing and the price, promotion, product and place basics of marketing there is still more to learn as it is constantly changing. Was Inbound Marketing taught in your class? How long do you think social media marketing has been taught?
  • Marketing is not about branding or awareness–it’s about making money: The end goal of all marketing campaigns is to make money. Make sure that all marketing efforts made for your organization are focused on the end goal.
  • There’s more to marketing than big brands and agencies: There are numerous opportunities in the marketing industry beyond big brands and agencies. Small businesses, non-profits and similar businesses all require some form of marketing tools and employees to implement the tools.
  • Get familiar with HTML/CSS: Depending on your role in your business it may be necessary for you to understand some coding. You never know when your knowledge may come in handy and your small knowledge could help.

Congratulations to all graduates in the Class of 2012. Remember that in any business or industry it is important to remain a lifelong learner. Stay on top of trends in your industry. Take advantage of JASE University and soak up the latest on JASE Inbound Marketing. Feel free to contact JASE to learn more about Inbound Marketing.

image credit: by pamhule on flickr

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