I read an interesting article the other day from Seth Godin where he made a great point. Seth said the difficulty businesses face today is not solving the problem(a businesses products or services), but the scalable, profitable way to market and sell the solution. I thought it was a profound point that many of us don’t often times think about. We always work on fine tuning our product or service thinking that once we have the formula just right then the product will sell itself. The reality, a product cannot always sell itself, regardless of how good it is.

There are many businesses that have fabulous products or services and they struggle to garner a sale. They struggle to create sales for a number of reasons, but a key contributor can be the ability to create an affordable marketing strategy to inform consumers of their products.

How content marketing can help create an affordable scalable sales solution for your product or service

Creating quality organic content is massively important in SEO today. Search engines tell us they reward the websites that produce quality, helpful, and organic content. So, for your website to be found in search traffic, you must create content. The benefit of creating content is that each piece of content that you create becomes a potential salesman for your business. The more content your business creates, the more the search engines will pick up and promote your website. Which will in turn, increase sales opportunities.

Has your business adopted a content marketing strategy? Contact JASE today to learn how we can help you market your business in a scalable and profitable way. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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