Tips To An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing” is a big scary term in the world of inbound marketing. Businesses that are just starting out in inbound marketing or businesses that are smaller look at the strategy of content marketing and scratch their heads. They scratch their heads because content marketing can be a daunting task. Many businesses do not know where to begin or do not have the man power to create an effective content marketing strategy.

They know that search engines are telling us that to be visible in search you must create quality organic content, but many businesses simply do not know where to start. Here are some tips to make sure you have plenty of content being generated.

JASE’s Tips For An Effective Content Marketing Strategy
  1. Create content about your service or product – You can create content about your product or service to inform readers about you.
  2. Create content about industry news – Cover your industry news. Make your content the place readers come to find out about what is going on in your industry. You can always offer your business’ viewpoint on the topic.
  3. Create a content series – Perhaps you have a big topic to cover in a blog article. Make it a series and cover the finer points in more detail.
  4. Create community content – Create a series of content on events going on in your community. Show your community that you care about what is going on. Your readers will appreciate the help.
  5. Create a creative advertising series – Similar to “Where Has JASE Taken You?” a creative advertising series can provoke consumer interaction and brand exposure.
  6. Create content about company news – Company picnic? New hire? Promotion? New website? This content lets readers learn more about the behind the scenes of your business.

When people ask us how much content to produce, we answer with as much as you can. JASE produces between 15-20 pieces of content per week and we would produce more if we had the opportunity. Your business may not be able to create that much content from the beginning, we didn’t start off creating this much organic content either, but your business should work towards a goal of creating as much content as possible. If you follow these tips, it should help prevent you from running out of content ideas.

Do today’s content marketing requirements seem too much for your business? You’re in luck, contact JASE today and let us help you with a proven content marketing strategy. As always, please feel free to share article with others.


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