Your brand’s social media marketing plan will include many facets of online marketing that are tailor made for your business. One of those might be gamification, depending on your audience. Gamification is a strategy that uses the principles of games to engage consumers. Most people are pretty competitive so the draw to participate in game based activities on social media networks is high.

There is a strategy to gamification that helps increase engagement for your social media network. Recently, Mashable shared a few with their readers.

  • Create targeted result list and plan a way to engage and develop users who simply like or follow your social media networks to users that subscribe to and purchase your products.
  • Reward users by giving points to those that are highly engaged on your social media networks. This method encourages others to compete for more points, acknowledgement and prizes.
  • Create contests for your users. Throughout the duration of the contest, users will be engaged and constantly checking in with your social media networks to stay up to date with the contest.
  • Create a challenge for your users that yields a reward at the end.
Your brand can focus the aspects of your gamification challenges to whatever the need of your social media websites may be including; increase in followers, increasing engagement or increasing sales. Take the time to research your audience and the needs of your brand prior to taking the time and energy involved with creating a gamification strategy for your business.

Gamification is just one aspect of social media marketing. For additional tactics or to create a full social media plan, contact JASE. Engagement on your social media networks can drive users directly to your website to purchase your product, don’t delay in the creation of your brand’s plan.

Gamesimage credit: by garlandcannon on flickr

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