Some of the most recent business and social media studies are showing that companies that are active in social networks are growing faster than those with less or no activity.

So what does that mean for your business?

There are many social media networks available to your business that can be used to engage all of your stakeholders. Each social media network will provide your business with a different audience, call for a tailored message and use different resources to relay that message.

If you want your business on a social media network created for business LinkedIn is the place to be.

The uses for LinkedIn are often confusing or downplayed by social media users. Created in 2003, LinkedIn offers more than a job hunting platform. LinkedIn is the social media hub for business professionals offering a wide range of options to professionals interested in networking, learning and finding valuable resources online.

LinkedIn offers valuable resources:
– More than 1.6 million groups for all aspects of business and industry.
– More than 2.9 million company profiles.
– More than 160 million unique visitors to LinkedIn every month.
– All Fortune 500 companies are represented.
– All federal agencies are represented.

With more than 205 million users focused on various aspects of business, LinkedIn is the perfect place to find a network of users that can help build your brand. LinkedIn will link you to people that are actually interested in doing business with you and supporting your company.

JASE Group’s CEO Keith Parnell is a strong proponent of LinkedIn and here are a few reasons why:

“Social media is the perfect platform to establish brand identity.” – Keith Parnell: LinkedIn allows you to create a profile that displays your brand through pictures and key messages. You control what visitor’s to your business page see, forming your brand’s identity.

“As part of inbound marketing, you want to have a strategy [for LinkedIn] and start building connections. You’ll want to carry the connection off of LinkedIn and to your website, blog and potential customer database.” – Keith Parnell: Don’t use LinkedIn blind, create a strategy and take something from LinkedIn (new customers, new partners, new investors) and use them to benefit your business.

“Who do your customers trust online? You must know what they like and what they do not like. And you’re only going to know that by the conversations you have living online… I don’t pretend to know all of my [LinkedIn Connections]. You never know when they may benefit you or you benefit them down the road.”– Keith Parnell: Relationship building is an important part of LinkedIn.

Take advantage of an inexpensive way to increase your market-share and use LinkedIn to its full capacity. Learn more about LinkedIn and additional social media communities and social media marketing methods at JASE Inbound Marketing.
image credit: by Christopher S. Penn on Flickr

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