Not only do adding product videos to online retailers’ websites give a clearer idea to customers on what they are potentially buying, it plays a key role in consumer purchasing decisions. It can be hard to imagine a product in a real setting based on an image alone which is why adding even the simplest of product videos can help boost sales, conversion rates, and help with customer concerns.

There is always an angle customers want to see products from that may not be displayed via a single image. To start, it is essential to add alternative shots of products and images of different color options.  If a pictured blouse is shown in black but also comes in green and pink, many customers are going to want to see the shade of those colors pictured to confirm if they favor it or not.  Stemming from this idea, potential customers may like the way the blouse is pictured but unsure about the cut and fit of the garment.  Putting the blouse on a model and photographing for different angles and close up images can only affirm customers’ feelings before placing the garment in the virtual shopping basket and cut down on returned items.

Product videos should highlight product features and bring the items to life.  It is crucial to brainstorm what potential customers want to know about the product and answer those questions in the product video demonstrations.  Adding these videos to product pages on the business’ website allows customers to quickly view it without leaving the page.  YouTube is a very user friendly video-sharing community that lets users upload and share their videos.

There is a small investment in order to produce product videos such as video camera, staff and technology, but the video does not have to be a Hollywood masterpiece.  Having product videos provide a clear call to action and bring the customers to a closer in-store experience.  Per Invodo’s statistics,  product videos can increase conversion rates, increase time on site, attract more customers, increase in organic traffic from search engines and reduce the quantity of service calls.

Product videos can help increase your sales conversion. Let JASE help your business with your video production needs, contact us today!

Product Videos on Websiteimage credit: tychay on flickr

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