“By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the advertising model was critically injured by the digital revolution that instilled across-the-board changes in the habits of readers, consumers, and advertisers.”

This statement, captured in the article “Daily Newspaper Advertising in the 21st Century: RIP or Digital Resurrection,”  was what forced a significant change in the advertising industry.

For major local daily newspapers such as the Daily Press here in Hampton Roads, many of the advertisers consist of local businesses.

Understanding their advertisers and the desires of their readers, many daily newspapers created a strategy for online and print content, in hopes of capturing the attention of readers on all platforms.

So, for the advertising industry, print is not dead. Print publications provide advertisers with another medium to send their message through to consumers.

“For JASE and our clients, the print ads industry is still booming,” stated JASE CEO Keith Parnell. “Ad spending and even the success rate depends on the target market of our client and the specific campaign.”

Understanding the demographic you are trying to reach will help with the creation of your advertisement.

JASE believes that there is no second chance at making a good first impression when it comes to advertising. There is a limited amount of time online and offline for advertisers to grab the attention of consumers.

Regardless of the platform, most business owners need a creative advertising campaign to sell your business. Many publications sell packages that include advertising space in the print publication and online.  If you don’t have the perfect advertisement that talks to your consumer, where it’s placed won’t matter.

We love talking advertising. If you find yourself with more questions than answers or solutions, feel free to stop by and talk to our team.

image credit: by JASE Group on Flickr

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