Creative Advertising Is Not A Myth For Small Businesses


Being a creative agency that caters primarily to small businesses, we seem to, rather frequently, find ourselves in conversations with business owners and decision-makers who believe they cannot afford creative advertising. These business owners believe it so wholeheartedly that they do not even attempt to contact an agency like ours because they believe it will be a waste of time.

So instead, they opt for standardized advertising at a bargain price that hardly distinguishes them from the pack. Often times this standard advertising is grouped with ineffective placement and reengagement, which leads to poor results and frustration at failed advertising. In turn, making the business owner less likely to advertise in the future.

The business-wide belief that small business should have no dealings with creative advertising is a myth–a myth that the JASE team busts daily with our small business clients. Yes, there are situations where custom creative advertising can be expensive, but this usually is a result of the scope of work prohibiting affordable pricing. A good ad agency will work with creative advertising concepts that will be productive for their client, no matter the budget.

So in 2015, myth-bust that thought that your business has no business with JASE–it couldn’t be further from the truth. This can be a year of growth for your company. Partner with an agency with a proven strategy. You game?

image credit: on flickr

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