Creative for most people is an adjective. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, creative is defined as, “having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas.” For JASE, creative is a way of life. It is our philosophy.

We strive to bring new and fresh ideas to our clients in all facets of the creative space. We want your first impression on the public to be your best impression. Whether it is a direct mailer, business card, television commercial or pay-per-click ad, JASE knows that representing your business’ brand with a unique and carefully constructed strategy will help your business stand out from the competition and help your business generate leads.

While we look to develop creative advertising that captures your target audience, we also know that measurability is key. So before we develop your creative concept, we do the research to correctly identify your target audience–not only who they are, but how we can best reach them. Businesses today cannot afford to waste money with ineffective advertising; so all of our creative is designed with the ability to measure the success of the ad concept. This allows us to adjust, in almost real-time, our advertising strategy so that your business maximizes the return on your investment.

JASE Custom Ice Sculpture Design

JASE Custom Ice Sculpture Design
This was definitely a request out of the norm for JASE, but a request we were completely and enthusiastically able to handle. The Dragas Companies was a sponsor for a black tie event where they were given the opportunity to design an ice sculpture their sponsorship. Dragas tasked JASE with designing a sculpture that accurately and effectively captured the partnership between Dragas and ForKids, a local non-profit organization. The end result was a “hit” all the way around.

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