One of the best aspects of social media marketing is the ability to have a conversation with your consumers. Efforts to create a successful social media marketing strategy require engagement with your consumers. It’s in the best interest of your business to engage with your customers as they will not hesitate to use their personal social media pages to discuss issues with your business.

While there are many tricks to creating and implementing a successful social media marketing campaign one of the best is responding to your customers. Mashable recently produced a list of tips to help your business respond to your customers; below are a few of the best.

  • Be Timely: Often consumers have questions that require a faster response. Most social media communities use push notifications and email alerts to notify you about questions or comments coming from customers.
  • Avoid Auto response: Automated responses are generic and don’t provide a full answer to consumer questions.
  • Keep it Professional: While many businesses use a casual voice on their social media pages, the tone is still very professional.
  • Thank your customers: Show appreciation to your customers in unique ways to thank them for their engagement and feedback. Beyond words of appreciation, many companies use social media promoted sales and giveaways to say thank you to customers on the page.
  • Keep It Short: Clear and concise messages help your customers navigate through their social media news feeds and will draw interest in communicating with your business among other social media users. Not to mention, it will make your job easier.

Social media management is a large part of a successful social media campaign. Similar to your personal social media pages, there is an expectation for engagement among users.

Keep it simple and respond the way you would hope a friend would respond; quickly, honestly, and with a human touch. Social Media Management is a great part of an Inbound Marketing Plan that can be created by JASE. Create a solution that works best for your business.

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    […] Engagement is a two-way street and unfortunately it is for better and for worse. Negative comments on your social media networks and business website may come from disgruntled customers or ex-employees. As the owner or decision maker at your business it is important to provide a response to comments made on your blog, especially false accusations. It is inappropriate to ignore negative comments in hopes of making them go away. It is also inappropriate to erase negative comments, unless they are extremely vulgar and inappropriate for your audience. […]

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