A Well-designed Landing Page Hits the Lead Generation Bulls-eye

Landing pages are often the one aspect of inbound marketing that gets placed on the chopping block before anything else. Just as in building a home, the landscape is often that last considered option in the package.

The economy is still down, budgets are tight, it is hard to justify spending a lot of money in landing page design, especially when you can use the money elsewhere in your inbound marketing plan. Not to mention the old school thought that once you get the consumer to the landing page you have already won the war.

The interesting thing is, the data is showing differently. Companies that spend time to create design oriented landing pages are seeing greater conversion rates with their consumers. The reason being, they are sinking the hook, not just getting the fish to nibble, their post click product is just as effective as their pre-click web content that got interested visitors there to begin with.

Business is dependent on lead generation. If your inbound marketing plans are neglecting landing pages, it would benefit your company to look long and hard at the results of a well-created and designed landing page. Landing pages must be an equal cog in the wheel of your successful inbound marketing plan, otherwise all of the hard work on your campaign will be in vain.

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image credit: 2inches on flickr

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  1. Vicki O'Neill

    Law of attraction! If pages are effectively designed and easy to navigate, the user experience is enhanced and therefore more likely to stay, click through to other pages and take action if they find what they are seeking. Appearance + content = conversion.

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