For the second year in a row Kia, with the “This or That” ad, has been selected for Nielsen’s Automotive Ad of the year. Everyone has seen the Kia Hamsters and the creatively viral television and Internet commercial for the new Kia Soul.

Created by David & Goliath, “This or That” shows the hamsters driving through city streets to the tune of “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep and comparing the Kia’s “This” with the “That,” less than hip appliances on wheels, cardboard boxes and other un-cool moving objects.

The spot debuted on cable at the end of May 2010 as an extension of the first Soul spot which featured hamsters traversing city and suburban streets in exercise wheels until, of course the new Kia Soul pulls up to a stoplight and a trio of grooving hamsters give the exercise wheel hamsters “A New Way to Roll.”

Congratulations to David & Goliath and Kia for this completely catchy commercial.

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