Social media is ever changing and the past week we has seen changes from Facebook and Google+, and now Delicious has joined in on all the fun. Gone is the static wall of links and in its place is a new vibrant display, that some people have compared to Flipboard, to enrich your user experience.

The main upgrade of Delicious’ new interface is a new feature called Stacks. This is a new version of the old “bundle” feature, where in the past you bundled a group of links to share – now you can group tagged items into visual “stacks”. There are also different ways to view your stacks in a way that is easiest for you to read.

Delicious has worked hard to bring its content into a new generation. It remains to be seen what the die hard long time users of Delicious will think of the upgrades, but it’s hard to believe that newer users won’t enjoy the updated interface.

Let us know what you think of Delicious’ new interface? Do you use sites like Delicious to read your news? Leave us a Facebook comment below and let us know.

image credit: JASE Digital Media

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