Radio and TV Are Most Popular Medias Among U.S. Adults

When was the last time you actually paid attention to the data? Most times true numbers will surprise you if you look closely. Good thing you have us on your team to keep your marketing and advertising strategies in order. 🙂

Number of U.S. Adult Users Per Month

  1. AM/FM Radio – 240M
  2. Live + DVR/Time-shifted TV – 226M
  3. App/Web on a Smartphone – 191M
  4. Internet on a PC – 162M
  5. Time-shifted TV (DVR) – 158M
  6. Tablet – 106M
  7. DVD/Blu-Ray – 93M
  8. Live TV – 68M (extrapolated from data points #2 and #5 by JASE)
  9. Game Console – 61M
  10. Multimedia Device – 60M

*full report with detailed data and charts here on

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