Do You Have Time for Social Media?

That’s like asking, do you have time for advertising? Or, do you have time for marketing? You may not think you do, but if your business is going to be successful then you need to make time. And since there are now a gabillion* consumers participating in the various social communities, the right social media strategy is vital to putting your brand in front of them.

Even though social media marketing is very important, we do need to use some common sense. Time is very important and valuable to all of us. So you need to make sure that you’ve done your market research. Understand your target audience, where they hang out on the Internet (socialgraphic research), and how to communicate with them on their level. Know what type of advertising will be more attractive to them. Is it pay-per click advertising? Is it smart SEO? Is it manual social media interaction? Is it blogging and content marketing? You need to know so time and dollars are not wasted on ineffective techniques. That’s where a good roadmap comes into play that can be generated from a solid JASE inbound marketing plan.

Okay, back to an earlier point – I know that a gabillion* is not really a number. But you get the idea. We can’t rule out social media as a viable way to communicate with consumers. When you get to that point where you really don’t have time to keep up with the demands of Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ (wait, is Google+ relevant?) and LinkedIn, give us a shout. Our SMM team will get your business heading down the right path for social media success.

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