All businesses want to improve product development but what is the best way to do that? Researching who your customers are and getting their input on how they use your products is the best way to improve product functionality.

Customer input is an invaluable way to find out what they are looking for and their motives for buying your product. Smart businesses should make it a priority to develop surveys, focus groups, and feedback questionnaires and put them everywhere including the business website, monthly newsletters and marketing efforts. This however is not a onetime event for an up and coming product, it is essential to make gathering information an ongoing effort.

There are multiple ways to survey your customers.  Use social media and pose questions to your followers. Ask in person if an opportunity presents itself, a good business relationship can grow stronger by taking a suggestion and inputting a change. Create a landing page with a survey on it to poll your customers. A nice option for your business would be to use a survey company like which has very user friendly templates if you are looking for an easy way to attach a survey to your landing page.

Take the gathered information from customers and listen to their suggestions. The more you know, the better position you are to sell and establish a relationship with your customers. By doing this, it will help make your business more profitable and thrive in this Information Age. It may be hard to hear some of their suggestions and what they think about your business but this input will facilitate change. Use any of these methods and mix up the way you get customer input to get a better, well rounded response from customers.

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Question Markimage credit: Karen Eliot on flickr

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