On June 21, 2012, Dr. Robert Rivera hosted a live broadcast of a surgical procedure on Ustream, a website that provides various channels of live video streaming. The procedure, an implantable contact lens operation, is being used to educate patients of the alternatives to Lasik surgery.

“We want everybody to watch this,” Rivera told Mashable in an interview. “It’s groundbreaking. It’s a whole new area of medical education and the potential is completely untapped.”

The surgery is allowing the doctor to expose his private practice to the world, sharing his skills with others in his profession and those interested in the procedure (and anyone else interested in the marvels of modern medicine).

Offer a side of your brand to the public, increasing content on your website and engaging consumers.

Every business has a niche that makes it different from others. Discover what makes your brand special and find unique ways to share it with the community. Whether through pictures, movies or live streams from your website the increase in content is essential for your engagement efforts.

Here are a few ideas if you are interested in live streaming or creating a movie:

  • Creating new menu options.
  • Live streaming kitchen staff and events during the busy lunch hour.
  • Creating a movie of your product in its design and/or production phase.
  • Assembling a popular product in your store that requires assembly by the customer.
  • A movie featuring a day in the life using products from your store.

The options for video content and Ustream events are endless and will increase engagement on your website, driving consumers to your brand. For additional ideas on content keep up with the JASE Group blog. If you are interested in creating an inbound marketing plan to increase revenue for your business contact JASE

Medical Surgeryimage credit: by Army Medicine on flickr

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