IE Linux logoLast week Microsoft unveiled the newest version of its web browser, Internet Explorer 9, to the anticipation of many, if only just to see if it was any different than IE8.  Microsoft claims to have placed an “all hands on deck” approach in an effort to reclaim some of the lost marketshare in web browsing.

Their development team boasts it’s speed, trimmed down, interface, and HTML5 support.  Early reviews have been positive, as there have been definite upgrades but it has some people still searching for a reason to switch from their current web browser.

The overall consensus from most reviewers of the product so far have noticed the sleek design, gone is the large toolbar that has occupied IE for the last several versions, instead is a sleek new toolbar similar to Google’s Chrome browser for a much easier use.  Microsoft’s other main design feature was to create the “app” for the desktop and to eliminate the program mentality that has been in place since the beginning of Internet Explorer.

Of all the browsers available on today’s market, IE9 gives the most space to the webpage. As mentioned earlier the sleek design that takes up just 63 pixels compared to Chrome’s, the next smallest, 89 pixels. Also, Microsoft has built in a new exclusive “Tracking Protection”, which allows users more control over privacy than any other browser.

The main concern is the availability to all operating systems. Currently, IE9 is only available to Windows Vista or newer operating systems. The decision to market to the newer operating systems is an interesting one, considering most data shows that a majority of PC users are still running the Windows XP platform. This would mean those users would not be able to upgrade to the newer version of Internet Explorer.

Ultimately, your experience with IE9 will depend on what you are looking for in a web browser. Those who have already switched to Firefox or Chrome will probably not make the switch back to IE9, but for everyone else Microsoft has hit a homerun.

image source: ies4linux logo

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