Google Plus iconWith its popularity steadily growing (some estimates show over 190 million users), Google+ is looking to knock Facebook from its high perch above the social community kingdom. But that’s a topic of another conversation.

Have you looked at your Google+ page lately?

Google+ has changed its format again. And with the roadmap in Mountain View changing almost weekly, chances are its look will change again within 6 months. New features are constantly being added and old features are consistently being upgraded and becoming more stable.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a great example. We use the video chat platform almost exclusively now for our National Business Development Team discussions. If you’re a small business that does any type of work on the Internet, you can no longer afford to ignore Google+.

Google Search

We all know the dominance of Google’s powerful search engine. We can only expect that articles and links shared and friendly conversations held on Google+ are actively influencing search engine results for business websites. As a matter of a fact, we see the referrals coming in consistently to our clients’ websites that we know are attributable to Google+ activity.

So don’t get caught with your pants down. Don’t think that Google+ is not a player in the business-of-the-Internet. Connect with us on Google+. Let’s (Google) Hangout some time.

image credit: planetnaboo

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