Compact fluorescent light bulbWhen I was in school, the question was often asked, “does spelling count?”  The implication was that the purpose of the particular class was to learn some other subject and therefore use of proper English was not necessary.

Sometimes I wonder if the same attitude exists within the IT community.  Perhaps some designers – even if only subconsciously – will think, “You’re paying me to create a website that looks nice and efficiency is somebody else’s problem.”

When we speak of code efficiency for a web application, we are particularly interested in how quickly it returns a page to the user’s web browser.  Most often, the inefficient coding practices I see relate to database code against Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.  For example, a common mistake I see is that a database displaying a list of items will individually load details for these items from the database in separate queries.  This can potentially drastically increase page load times.

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