It has never been more critical for companies to revisit exhibiting and attending trade shows to promote their product brands. Trade shows facilitate creation of new messages for marketing efforts.  Are companies really getting the most bang for their buck with trade shows? Trade shows are the most expensive form of marketing since they include staff airfare, hotels, booth space registration, and computer setup among many other expenses. Is it time for companies to start to rethink the trade show aspect of their product brand exposure?

The analysis of trade show impact has never been more important to companies as they evaluate and review their marketing plans.  With the downturn of the economy, many companies were cutting back on their marketing efforts and the most expensive methods, such as trade shows were the first to go.  Most of their attention was put on “free” press options with social media, email marketing and web presence.

However, the pros of a trade show cannot be overlooked.   It a perfect opportunity for owners, buyers and managers to meet existing suppliers, network with distributors or colleagues, conduct business meetings, and investigate new products—all of which cannot be done via a single webinar.

Exhibitor Online declares that trade show attendance has shifted from those buyers “shopping around” to serious buyers with a more firm commitment to buy.  With the recession, companies are cutting back on sending groups to attend shows and others to exhibit at the show and consolidating the two which forces companies to get serious about their efforts.  It is imperative to come prepared for the event; have a clear strategy on knowing what you need to accomplish before, during, and after the show is the first step toward success and get the sales results desired.


We at JASE Group, believe it only makes your brand stronger to have a well-rounded marketing strategy.  The combination of web presence, social media, trade show presence, press releases and the right creative advertising all add up to an effective marketing approach.   

Trade Show Boothimage credit: The 2-Belo on Flickr


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