According to Facebook, in an attempt to speed up its iOS and Android apps, Facebook accidentally stripped out too much data about news feeds post by Pages. The resulting impact was that Page Insights have been negatively misreported for months, leading Page administrators into thinking their posts reached fewer people than they actually did. Facebook rolled out a series of bug fixes over the weekend and that starting today, all data reported will be accurate.

The issue first came to light when Facebook starting receiving numerous bug reports and questions from clients and sales people about the discrepancies in Page Insights. A couple of weeks ago Facebook decided that they would do an internal audit of Page Insights and shortly after starting their investigation they caught the bugs.

The bugs were created when Facebook attempted to speed up their iPhone and Android apps after years of complaints that they were too slow. Their plan was to only transmit the minimum amount of information needed to display news feed stories. However, in only sending the minimum data needed, they stopped sending the markers that Page Insights used to count how many people saw each Page’s posts.

Facebook and the hazards of free marketing

Many businesses use social media, specifically Facebook, to market to their potential customers. While there are benefits to using social communities to interact and connect with your customers and or potential customers, in the end you have to remember it is a free service. Measurability is the name of the game in marketing. Owners, managers, decision makers want to know that they are making a return on their investment. Facebook’s Page Insight was designed to give a business owner the measurability aspect to their Facebook marketing, but the data that Facebook had been gathering was incorrect and misleading. This could have potentially caused businesses to stop investing in social media as a marketing strategy.

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Facebook page insights bugimage credit: acidpix on flickr

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