One of the greatest things about social media is that it’s fast. As you are engaged in two-way communication with your shareholders social media networks give you a chance to quickly reply and have your response immediately available for everyone to see.

Often the speed in your reply leaves you oblivious to errors that appear in your post until it’s too late. For years many have left the comment as is, posting another comment underneath making a note of the error and stating what the comment should have read. Others simply delete and start over, which is annoying for the people engaged in the post who receive multiple notifications for one comment.

Well, Facebook has once again made the decision easier and will now provide an editing option. According to The Next Web, the changes are rolling in for various users  (you may have noticed the change already) over the next few days. The new feature will allow you to go back and make changes to previous posts. The new feature also provides a log of any edits you have made so that it is clear in your conversation.

Errors happen, whether spelling or grammar related. Having the ability to make changes will give your brand an opportunity to make sure all content coming from Facebook is accurate, one less issue stakeholders can mention.

If you have any questions about Facebook changes, comment below and continue to check in to the JASE blog. If you are interested in getting your brand’s social media marketing plan started contact JASE to get the best results for your business. 

Erasedimage credit: by Cookieater2009 on flickr

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