Facebook revealed “Interest Lists” last week and I have read several articles discussing the benefits of creating these lists.

For those who don’t know, Interest Lists can be created to organize updates in separate topics compiled from a collection of fan pages or popular people who have their subscribe button turned on. So I could create an “NFL” list and incorporate all the teams and players that I fan in that list and get all of their updates in one place at that particular interest list.

The articles went on to say that even though you could not create these lists directly for your business’ brand page, that you could still benefit your business by getting an executive from your company to create an industry interest list. Then have he/she include your business’ brand page along with all the other like industry brand pages and then by proper promotion it would increase the brand’s exposure. This exposure would occur to people who do not follow you, as they would be able to view your content as a result of being attached to the Interest List, and it could possibly net you new followers.

How will Facebook Interest Lists benefit your business?

What happens if you’re a small business and your top level executive has a Facebook account with 200 friends? What happens if your business’ executives are not social media believers? Or thought leaders? What if they do not actively participate in social media or contribute content? Will this exposure benefit your business?

Depending on your business, depending on your corporate structure, there could be potential branding benefit from Facebook Interest Lists, but every business should do proper analysis to determine if there will be a benefit. Take a look at all of the contributing factors before investing the time and energy into a campaign that may not yield any dividends.

Would Facebook Interest Lists benefit your business? Would they be worth your investment of time and manpower? Leave us a comment on our Facebook wall and let us know what you think. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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