“Does anybody know how to post videos to Facebook?”

Facebook made its IPO on Friday at $38 a share. Facebook is looking to sell 421 million shares of stock. So, the question to ask is, “Did you buy stock in Facebook?”

Many financial experts said not to buy stock just yet as it is priced too high. Just as with the lottery, there are winners and there are losers. As of the posting of this article Facebook shares were down 13% to $33.35 after seeing opening day highs of $42-43 a share.

Facebook is currently valued at $100 billion, but if it plays its cards right, Facebook could be worth $1 trillion by 2014. That would make it the first publicly traded company to be valued that high.

Time will tell as to the overall success of Facebook on the open market. With so much uncertainty today, who knows if it is right to buy stock in Facebook? But we couldn’t blame you if you did.

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The Future Of Facebookimage credit: Venessa Miemis on flickr

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