How successful a business will be depends on its ability to analyze data. The faster a business processes data and the more current that data is, allows a business to make changes necessary to keep a competitive advantage.

On that note, Facebook has announced that they are speeding up their analytics tool to deliver faster, more real-time results to its business subscribers.

Some of the features that will benefit users as a result of the switch to real-time reporting will be:

  • Page Posts Reach Capability
  • # of likes
  • Link Clicks
  • Sponsored Story Impressions

This will be a welcome alternative to the normal reporting delay that was customary with Facebook data.


Real-time data from Facebook metrics could help businesses better determine how effective their social media marketing strategies are, when the optimal post times are for a particular business’ content, and help a business better measure its social signal.

As marketers, we have been waiting for advancements like these from our social communities to help our marketing campaigns become more efficient. Ultimately, a business must evaluate its own data and not be dependent solely on outside data to be effective.

What do you think of Facebook’s update to its analytics toolset? Will it make a difference in your business’ decision-making? Leave JASE a comment on our Facebook wall and let us know what you think. As always, please feel free to share this with friends.

Facebookimage credit: Thos003 on flickr

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