Last week Facebook rolled out a reinvented newsfeed. The changes will impact social media strategies for business in several key areas. Here are a few of the more important impacts from the new Facebook newsfeed.

  1. Edgerank is no more – Facebook will no longer try to filter your content for you.
  2. 3rd party video will be more prevalent – Videos from Vimeo or YouTube will be featured just as much as Facebook videos.
  3. Higher quality images – Facebook will finally display images to the standards of today’s images.
  4. Links are relevant again – Links will be more visible than they have in the past. The content that brands will share on Facebook will be more obvious as to where it comes from.

These changes to Facebook’s newsfeed will impact how users view your content. To maximize exposure with these new changes businesses must make sure their content descriptions are quality, along with uploading quality images. They must also make sure to post content at the right time of day to maximize readership.

Does your business need more help understanding the new changes to Facebook? Contact JASE today and let us help you develop your social media marketing plan.

image credit: SimonQ錫濛譙 on flickr

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