How is your business enjoying the new Facebook timeline? Have you been able to engage with more users? Have you used some of the new features?

One cool feature that increases engagement with your users and introduces them to your brand is the ability to add milestones to your Facebook timeline. On a personal page, your timeline would feature your birth, graduations, anniversary and other intriguing facts about you worth sharing and celebrating. Your business has also reached milestones worth sharing and celebrating.

Share your founding date and other big milestones that are specific to your brand and your consumer. Celebrate various milestones on Facebook.

  • A new storefront
  • A new product
  • Reached a new number of likes on Facebook

Through the new feature you are able to add pictures to each milestone, humanizing the event for your consumers. If you want your followers and fans to engage with your brand, humanizing your business on social media networks is the best way. Pictures and stories on your Facebook page that your consumers can relate to will help increase engagement on your page.

A great example of an organization that is using the milestone feature is Spotify, a music-streaming service that offers users to listen to various artists based on their request. Spotify’s Facebook timeline is filled with more than 1,000 years of music history. It’s an interesting way of using the feature, but it is one that consumers can relate to and engage in conversation with Spotify and its Facebook users.

Have fun with the new feature, it’s an enjoyable way to examine what your business has done over time and celebrate each milestone with those who liked your brand, on and off of Facebook.

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Facebook Woodsimage credit: BEYOURPET on flickr

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